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The Compression Utility that Covers All
Who Uses BiGZiP?
People Who .Zip
The simple answer to this question is obviously anyone who has a requirement to compress files on their computer or expand a file that is in the .ZIP format. If you need to do this then BiGZiP is for you.
People Who Run More than One OS

If you run multiple operating systems then BiGZiP is definitely for you, imagine never having to re-boot from your native OS to a different one simply to open or compress a file, If this is your dream then download

a trial of BiGZiP now - this is the program for you.

There are plenty of Operating Systems with Java Virtual Machines and few that have .ZIP compatible programs. Don't let this get to you any more - BiGZiP Cover's All.

Companies with Mixed Operating Environments

If you have more than one operating system on your network and all PC's have the need to Zip and Unzip files then why licence more than one piece of Software. BiGZiP has been tried and tested on the following operating systems and passed where others haven't even been able to venture.

File compatibility between users will reach new heights and you will never have to worry about having obsolete software if you change operating systems.

Simply e-mail our corporate sales department with any questions about compatibility and licensing pricing.

Seen enough? Why not a copy today, or better yet, if you are convinced simply click here to buy.

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