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The Compression Utility that Covers All
Welcome BiGZiP'ers!

What's New?
18/08/01 BiGZiP 1.1 goes freeware and open source.
Visit for the open developement site

What Is BiGZiP?
For most people, BiGZiP is a FREE Java based compression utility. It does what other programs do but in a Java Environment, so no matter what your OS is, as long as you can run Java, you can run BiGZiP.

For developers, BiGZiP gives you the freedom to plug in your own compression engines without having to develop your own front end. What's more, is that the source is open to the developers to be improved by developers.

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Who Uses BiGZiP?
Home & Corporate Users that run multiple OS's such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh can use the same program on all platforms.

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Developers would use it to save time by writing their own plug-ins which means no more re-inventing the wheel.

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How do I Get BiGZiP?
To use it, simply click through to the download section, make sure your Java Virtual Machine is ready and off you go.