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The Compression Utility that Covers All
What Is BiGZiP?
BiGZiP Can Run Anywhere

BiGZiP is a Java based compression utility and will run on any Java Virtual Machine.

This means that if your operating system can run a JVM, it can run BiGZiP. This is useful if you have multiple operating systems on one PC and if you have to zip and unzip files. You no longer need to reboot into the operating system that has your zip software, since BiGZiP covers all.

BiGZiP Covers All
Simply have a look at the tested and compatible operating environments and you will see what BiGZiP Covers.
BiGZiP Can Be Developed

BiGZiP also gives developers the ability to create their own Routines and plug them in to the BiGZiP GUI. Routines such as Compression, Anti-Virus and encryption are all capable of being plugged into the BiGZiP front end. If you make one good enough we will even put it on our site and help you sell it as an add-on.

If this feature of BiGZiP interests you please go to the Developer section of the site for a lot more information.

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